I’d like to reply to some beyhive members… [TL:DR – I am not into sports, sneakers, or stillborns] I didn’t intend on taking your joy. I’m not about that. When some of y’all sit and rip blackmen online I just scroll by… But my comments on this woman always set y’all off. Why? I never said she shouldn’t make it to full term… Who the heck am I to choose life? Babies are a blessing. Keep reading. Foot-what? Look through my social media… My coworker just yesterday asked me “who you got in the Superbowl” … I don’t know who is playing… The only constant I have on Sunday is Church (majority of Sundays) and I’ve always hated when a Pastor says “I’ll keep this brief so you can catch the game” NO! We are not going to compare God to Beyonce… When you need help I see most of you ask for prayers – not Beyonce CDs. I seen a friend on Facebook last year say “Jesus died on the Cross for us to have Beyonce” πŸ€” M. Jordan sneakers. Again, don’t watch sports. I only own a pair because when I worked for Footlocker’s corporate office they sold b-stock for $25. They sit next to my other cheap sneakers. My closet cost less than a front row Beyonce ticket. Now, you working… Spend however, use your social media however. Knowing the power of social media I’m just saying this energy could be duplicated for an actual cause. Some of y’all are boycotting a company working with Trump, blasted Hillary all election (thanks again for Trump BTW)…. And never denounced Beyonce working with Hillary. πŸΈβ˜• Call me whatever name, slang I have never seen before, or seasoning you want. PS: for the people using search engines just to find who is mentioning her just to troll… My post are really for people like you or others that don’t even part there lips unless it is about her. You see my struggle post or my birthday, say nothing…. but run to this woman’s side. πŸ€”


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