(from Facebook) Meet Britt… I met Britt like 15 years…

(from Facebook)

Meet Britt…

I met Britt like 15 years ago… ON BLACKPLANET!!! At first, I thought her profile was fake, way before catfish. People stole her pics so she had them branded and I also remember her talking about how she finished school early and would be bored cause her friends were in class… I always brushed this off as lies, lol!!!! Smart Guy was based off her life! (Kidding)

We chatted all the time and moved from BP, to MySpace, to Xanga, to Facebook… She was the only person that shouted out God, wasn’t all revealing in her photos, or had curse words all over her BP page… that just always stood out to me… And she also changed her page often and did her own graphics. 😍😍😍

Anyways, over a decade later our Vegas vacations overlapped. She inboxed me as she didn’t post it all over her page like I did! I was going to ask for a quick meet up but she beat me and suggested dinner Hot and Juicy Crawfish. The food was good and I got to meet her sister who I thought would find this extremely strange but had many actual hand written penpals… Britt and I saved mad stamps thanks to the internet!

Britt, thanks for the info about breakfast and taking a minute to say what’s up 🙂 see you in Vegas for our 30th year anniversary. Lol!!!!!!!

via tumblr https://omit.tv/2ls9JyL


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