Idealism – Both Of Us (Chillhop Raw Cuts 2) by Chillhop Music

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After a successful first release in the Chillhop Raw Cuts series, we are back for seconds! All tracks are available via the link above.

Nohidea » @nohidea
Bluntone » @bluntone
Fushou » @fushou
Mt.Fujitive » @mt_fujitive
Ntourage » @ntourageephekt
DRWN. » @drwn_dot
Juan RIOS » @juan-rios-beats
Fantompower » @fantompower
Jhfly » @jhfly
sugi.wa » @sugiwa
Made in M » @madeinm
Bassti » @bassti_music
Jinsang » @jinsangbeats
Leavv » @leavv
Idealism » @idealismus
emune » @emune
tusken. » @sandpeoplecologne
Plusma »@plusma
Fujitsu » @fujitsuu1
Beatboxbandit » @beatboxbandit
Philanthrope » @philanthrope1
Tesk » @tesk


Artwork by Plusma

Well-worth a listen! :o)

Please feel free to share your thoughts here!


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